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Bulut Üstü is a creative agency, specializing primarily in publishing national, regional and corporate periodicals. We have created a variety of publications, including Keyifli Alışveriş, a fashion mag which has been attracting a vast amount of attention for many years in Turkey, as well as Anatolian, which stands as one of the most beautiful examples of tourism journals and WorkinPost, the corporate periodical of the leading co-working brand, Workinton. With our passionate and highly experienced team, we offer all kinds of services needed before the printing phase, from content management to design. If you are looking for a partner in Turkey who can understand your needs about publishing, you are in the right place.


Anatolian is a free lifestyle magazine intended to accompany Anadolu Hotels guests in their rooms. It continues this mission successfully every month since September 2016.

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Keyifli Alışveriş:

Keyifli Alışveriş is a monthly publication and a comprehensive guide to fashion and shopping since 2011.

We have worked together with Turkey's biggest digital publishing platform; Dergilik App, to launch Keyifli Alışveriş digitally since September 2016. 

With shopping guides and in-depht interviews, this digital presentation becomes an extensive resource full of visuals, products and shows.

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A+ Beauty:

A+Beauty Magazine -carrying all the novelties under the rubriques like beauty, health, plastic surgery and fitness to its pages- continues to be the focus of everyone who pays attention to self-care. It can be downloaded from the Dergilik platform with the frequency of three months. 

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Antalya Film Festival Newspaper (2018):

Prepared by us from content to design for the 55th Antalya Film Festival and distributed daily as a 10 page festival journal, it was a distinguishing newspaper that kept the heartbeat of the Festival.

WorkinPost (2017-2018):

Turkey's biggest coworking company, Workinton wanted a special periodical, infused with local and global business news, interviews, announcements and more in a beautiful, retro style. So we delivered... If you examine WorkinPost closely, you will clearly see our work quality and attention to detail.

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ebebek'ten Bebek


ebebek is Turkey's one of the biggest retailer of mother and baby products. We prepared their monthly publication "Bebek" between 2013-2016. With its rich content and beautiful covers, it was among the best examples of how such a magazine should be. 

ePozitif (2015-2016):

This corporate periodical designed by us and published hand in hand with ebebek's human resources department between 2015-2016, aimed to increase motivation among employees.

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