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Latest advancements in mobile devices and reader-friendly screens inevitably led us to the world of digital publishing. Our Anatolian, A+ Beauty, Keyifli Alışveriş magazines are also published digitally and good examples of our dedication to digitalization. Below you can see the detailed samples of our digital services and better understand our capabilities in this field.

However, our use of technology is not just limited with our end products. Cloud sharing, newest design software and membership to one of the worlds largest image bank ensure fast/efficient workflow which differentiates us from competitors.

Digital Publishing:

We also publish Anatolian, A+ Beauty and Keyifli Alışveriş digitally. Aside from that, we are experienced in digital publishing of books. We already have two books published in 53 countries from Apple iBooks and Google Play Books platforms.

Click here to see the links of our digitally published work on Apple App Store, iBooks and Google Play Store.

Web Design and Other Digital Services:

Did you like our website? We designed it. We believe in the power of simple, clean design. If you like what you see, be sure that this is the least we can do for you; including e-mailing designs, digital invitations and more.

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